Long years have passed since Slobo Horo's debut Mastika (1992) and their second album Esma (1994). Finally, the time has come: the band is back with their third album Divane (Rockadillo Records, November 2000).

Their first record, Mastika, was released in Finland in 1992 and in the rest of Scandinavia, as well as Germany, Austria and Switzerland in 1993. Export copies have later found their way to the UK, the U.S.A., Japan and many other countries around the world. In 1993 a remix CD single My Gipsy Beauty was released together with an accompanying video. In 1993 Slobo Horo headlined at Fiesta festival in Pärnu, Estonia, and in the band played its first Continental shows in Amsterdam and at Musikfest am Ring in Cologne. The feedback was so positive that Slobo Horo was invited to play at the Worldwide Music Days in Berlin in November.

In 1994 Slobo Horo played Les Eurofolies festival in Paris as well as the Roskilde Festival in Denmark. These shows were also recordered for major national radio stations.

After that, in 1995 Slobo Horo has toured in Finland and in Estonia, joined in a tribute record of a Finnish humor-rock band Alivaltiosihteeri with a song called "Avanturist" (a piece that has already become a rarity).

A major event in 1996 was a successful joint tour in Hungary (Budapest-Miskolc-Sopron), with European world and fusion groups. In Autumn 1996 Slobo Horo released a new song, "Rasta", in a Finnish compilation record "Arctic Paradise"(Arctic 97). (The title has, by the way, nothing to do with the religion of the Rastafaris. It is just a cut title word of the original song title "Zaljubljeni, ostavljeni, rastavljeni" ('The lovers, the abandoned and the separated').)

1997 was a year of touring in Finland and Estonia, followed by a year (1998) of inner contemplation. The 12 years old band wanted rest.

In 1999, however, something happened. Slobo Horo participates in a U.S. charity record "Balkans Without Borders" along with the leading "Balkan/Oriental" groups. By that time the band realizes that it can't rest forever. The first session was just an unformal gathering with no special perspectives in mind. But, as soon as the first sound was in the air, it was clear that the moment was the actual rebirth of the band. Finnish TV managed to penetrate into the rehearsal of the group in April. The band made an electrifying come-back concert at Viljandi Folk Music Festival, Estonia, in July, followed by hailed concerts in its home town Tampere.

The band has truly ended its period of contemplation and comes again reborn, with unpreceded force. The unique Slobo Horo sound is now more energetic, refined and mature than ever.


  • Autio, Heikki: accordion
  • Blomster, Risto: bass guitar, backing vocals
  • Kaasinen, Timo: electric guitar
  • Kärkkäinen, Jukka-Pekka: acoustic guitar
  • Niemi, Jarkko: vocals, electric guitar, violin
  • Sampela, Karo: drums, percussion
  • Vanhanen, Mikko: clarinet, saxophone, backing vocals