Arttu Takalo:

Release Date: September 21st, 2012
Catalogue Number: ZENCD 2148

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1.  A Flower Picked by a Girl’s Finger  3:56
2.  The Fading Fragrance of a Dying Rose  4:21
3.  Vertical Charisma  3:42
4.  Horizontal Utopia  4:50
5.  Nights Are Getting Colder  3:57
6.  Kyrie Eleison  3:27
7.  Kiss Me in the Park  3:45
8.  If You Don’t Love Me  4:31
9.  Till I End My Song  5:47
10.  Just You Wait Till I Get You Home  2:56
11.  Last Days of August  5:32

Arttu Takalo  midivibes, piano, synths, programming, sampler, voice, percussion
Speedy Saarinen  Pro Tools, samples, whistling, additional guitar (track 7)
Marzi Nyman  guitars
Harri Rantanen  bass
Anssi Nykänen  drums
Strings: Manna Lahti, Siljamari Heikinheimo, Kaisa Ivars, Severi Salminen, Mauri Kuokkanen, Maarit Holkko, Riikka Lampinen

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